This is Only the Beginning!

At this moment, I sit here, feeling numb by the fact I just said goodbye to the Ecuador Cohort- from a very close friend I’ve known since freshmen year to all the amazing fellows I’ve met this past week. They are on their way to experience their wonderful year abroad and the amazing culture that awaits them. In about six hours, I too, will be leaving SFO for Brazil. Its such a scary thought, but I’ve been preparing myself for the past 3 months for this moment. To think that 91 students all around the United States are traveling abroad to Ecuador, Senegal, and Brazil, making their own stories and experiences is just so incredible! Man, we have some balls for doing something like this. As our cohorts leave one after the other, I wish you all the best! Be safe, loving, open minded, curious, forgiving, strong, and just have a heck of a time! Cheers to the start of something that will change our lives forever!

(If you read this, please email me your address at (, I would love to write you a postcard while I’m in Brazil!)