Thoughts Before the Journey

The next months of my life are going to be undeniably life changing. I head off to Sayasui near Cuenca, which is a nine-hour bus ride south from Quito. I will be staying with a rad host family, and doing an apprenticeship at a Women's Shelter. This is a safe place for women who are either being abused or are being stalked. And most likely I'm going to hear some hard life stories, experience another kind of suffering, which will change me. I'm kinda scared of what I'll become in April. probably for the good, it's just hard to figure out the future right now. Surprisingly I'm becoming more excited about unknowns, rather than worrying over nothing. So, I went through all my terrible selfies that I don't even like that much, and I've noticed some changes in some of these pics. Yet there are still some commonalities. I'm either serious or being weird as fuck. Kinda sums me up sometimes. This gives me assurance, that this next year I'll hopefully become someone that will want to go on more crazy journeys.

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