TIME – attempting poetry

(made for a gcy prompt in trying other forms of storytelling)

its funny, i think.

how all things change.
in the time it takes
for a seed to sprout up from the ground
for clouds to come and go
for rain to nuture new life
for a head of corn to stand tall
in the time it takes
for one family to become two
for two families to become three
for a distant tongue to come ever closer
for distant lands to blend together
in the time that that takes
things change suddenly or slowly
in a period sometimes short or maybe long.
it’s that time, though
in which we forget
forget about past troubles
past loss
past pain
and that time
in which we remember
remember how to smile
how to dance
how to love
in that time
maybe it was short, but sometimes it felt long
things changed.
in that time,
these scars
stopped hurting.