Trying to Envision the Future

In September, we were told to make a “vision statement”. Basically, at the end of these eight months abraod, what we hope to have accomplished. Knowing that I am perfectly imperfect human being, I may not fully accomplish all of the following visions. However, seeing that it is New Years, I can’t see a better time to show the world my goals for my Global Citizen Year and reremind myself of what this whole year is about.

Without further ado, I present to you my hopes and dreams:

It’s April 12th.

After a long eight months-

I have eradicated an ever present language barrier through a series of embarrassments, mistakes, and questions.

I have thought deeply about issues I was never aware of before.

I have wandered and gotten so lost that the only option was to create a new path completely.

I have asked questions I didn’t even think I could ask in English.

I have not only put myself in the best possible position to grow, but have gone out of my way to find the steroids that will allow me to grow big enough to hold out a and to anyone in need of one.

Through culture, exploration, laughter, and sorrows, I have slowly surrounded myself in the most intricate gift wrap; a present ready to be opened by the world.

I have gained untaintable wisdom from an ever-changing world.

I have meditated almost every morning, taking a moment to pause and realize where I am and who I am becoming.

I have learned to love the stickiness in the Amazonian air.

I know longer say I am an only child, but in fact have three siblings excitedly awaiting the news of my arrival back home to Ecuador. And in turn I have a newfound appreciation for what patience it takes to have siblings.

I have discovered that there are, in fact, some foods I don’t like.

I have dug deep into the issues that bother me.

And finally, I have allowed the puzzle I call myself to be thrown all over the floor, scrambled, and stepped on. But upon picking up the pieces and putting that puzzle back together, I have discovered that the picture is bigger than it has ever been before.