Vision Statement

My vision for my Global Citizen Year in 3 words is Celebration, Equanimity and Connection. Right now I feel like I’m undercooked. I want to learn to be the best version of self. To be graceful, and to expect the unexpected. To not always have an idea in my head about how things should be, and instead be grateful for the way they are. To stop thinking in terms of “how does this reflect back on me? What does the world owe me? Why is it not how i wanted?” and instead begin to think in terms of “what is the best way to respond to this situation? What will promote the best outcome?” I would like for my own personal peace and happiness and the peace and happiness of others to be in sync. To be completely honest with myself and with others. I would like to focus on the good each individual has and to give myself to them completely. To love everyone I come across, and to let them know it. I want to be a ray of sunshine in someone’s cloudy day, and first I want to be my own sunshine. I want to be myself in another language, and to communicate easily in Spanish. I want to talk less and listen more. I want to step out of my internal life, and experience the world through someone else’s eyes. I want to soak it all in, and learn about my family, my community, and the whole wide world. To be informed and intelligent. To know how countries are interacting, and what powerful politicians are doing in the world. I want to rediscover my love of learning, my passion for people and my inner peace and light. I want myself to be intentional. I want to step out of the haze and confusion of my mind, and into the haze, confusion, and love of the world. I would like to walk away saying “I was there. Fully. I experienced all of those beautiful people. I was part of the beauty of Riobamba, And it was extraordinary.” I would like to laugh more, and celebrate this things and people around me. To become more connected with the planet, and nature, my true mother. I want my life to be a tool for improvement. My ultimate hope, is that I shake the dust off my soul, and lean forward into this adventure of learning who Alexandra René Lines is, and what her role is in this big, beautiful, horrible, chaotic mystery of a world.