Was I going to find a Passion? A focus? or a hard lesson learned

So it's been interesting. Been different, feels odd, definitely a new chapter of life that was slapped in my face by a friend. Adventure has turned a shade more real, and yet I'm stuck.

First off let me tell you I love Adventure, the unknown and mysterious with a tad bit danger is my favorite. Who knows what I'll find, discover, meet. It just makes life more interesting. I've always loved traveling off for weeks at a time, jumping into a new routine and having a blast. What I realized at some point is that I always meet someone that teaches me something new. Often times a random stranger, or eager friend. All I have to do was let the world around me teach me, Let it be my mentor, constantly be receptive to what's around. And so, when I first got accepted into Global Citizen Year, I was so thrilled, because I knew, I was going to learn something big, life changing, and hopefully, alter my current direction of uncertainty with life. Was I going to find a passion? A focus? or a hard learned lesson. Whatever it is, I'm down.

As the plane slowly dropped down onto Quito Ecuador, the Shining lights of the city were so mesmerizing, following the curve of the massive mountains looming in the dark. We stayed a nunnery the first night, the next day the strong sun shone into my face, eager to wake me up and show me Ecuador, and what a sight! It was so peaceful, quiet with only the birds calling to each other, And then in the distance, An active snow-capped Volcano loomed over us, Cotopaxi. That very same day we were given our Volcano kits. Thanks to the nuns, we had some of the best food I’ve tasted here, lots of rice and chicken.


Ps: This was a little stream of consciences I found Later on and was amused as it brought me back to the first day and how I felt about life.