What to do When the Entire Party is Staring at You

In the past few weeks, I have experienced what this terrifying thing called “adulthood” is. Since the last time people gathered in my presence to eat cake and expel their appreciation for my existence upon me, I have been told i am now truly responsible for myself. Everyone knows what responsibility means, it’s very basic vocabulary, but most don't know fully the significance of responsibility, but more importantly, they don't know what it means to them-self; the definition is difficult to understand because it is not uniform. It lacks consistency and almost never presents itself blatantly. One doesn't simply become an adult because of a number decided upon by society dictates so. A lack of responsibility creates a lack of awareness: a sense of invulnerability. Not everyone can escape the facade that they are invincible without first experiencing repercussions for their incompetence. These “welcome to the real world” moments embed in our minds the conscious fear of making the same mistake that we have made in the past. I now have the drive to achieve success through finding myself, furthermore, to understand what greater purpose I may fulfill for a cause that exceeds my own needs. The skills I possess at this moment and will inevitably obtain in the future have use to this world and potential beyond my understanding to create gastronomical change in society, nature, and above all, to make an beneficial impact on the lives of other human-beings.

I once lived with the notion that I was invincible in some respect, never facing legitimate consequence besides verbal warning or scolding. One must understand that the work put into getting to where they are does not grant them amnesty from upholding their integrity along with the motivation to work hard that got them there. When you walk along the verge of losing nearly everything of importance to you, change must occur, a lesson must be learned, growth must be seen, or your opportunity to see a second chance vanishes, and you start farther back than where you started; your previous resilience once displayed in every word safd and actions performed are forgotten. The image of the previous person does not exist, the past does not exemplify who a person is in the present. Slipping up and losing respect and accountability doesn't equal defeat, despite cumbersome emotions that cause someone to think otherwise.

A person is not defined by their mistakes,  but by the steps they took thereafter. Humans are characterized by their flaws. It is said that people learn from their mistakes, however, this statement does not contain enough depth to vocalize the truth. One's mistakes may only present a lesson if the person at fault strives to rebound as an improved and more aware being. Consciously acting and visualizing improvement as it occurs is the sole way a person may truly improve their previous state and achieve success seen by the outside world. Success is defined by one's self, many spend their time trying to learn what success is, and remain as far from achieving anything as where they were at the crest of their failure, lingering on their failure. The only things necessary to reach positive achievement is unhindered determination and belief in oneself; you must be your own greatest fan. Success is achievable, self-doubt is deniable.