where I need to be

These first few days have been a continuous reminder that although I might not want to be here all of the time, this is exactly where I need to be. With each passing session and conversation, I feel more and more strongly that this is where I should be. And that I am on the brink of the greatest adventure yet. Yesterday, Abby Falik gave an opening lecture where she introduced herself in a unique way – with a resume of her biggest failures. She went on to explain how these failures were obviously not the desired outcomes of her hard work, but looking back, she realized that she needed them to happen in order to achieve all the great things that she has.

I don’t feel bad talking about the “negative” feelings that I’m having, because I’ve decided that there’s no such thing as a negative emotion. all feelings are positive because they all teach you something and life is really just about learning and expanding your mind. So I’m learning to be less judgmental of my emotions. If I’m homesick or sad, I will try not to label that as “negative”. Instead, I’m trying to think of it as a learning opportunity. Embracing all of these moments and each emotion that comes will teach me so much about myself.