Why I applied to Global Citizen Year

Have you ever wondered why we have different countries? Have you ever wondered if the concept of countries further segregate us? Have you ever felt the need to be totally new somewhere so you can spend time thinking and doing what you truly love? Have you ever felt the urge to go and help people from less fortunate areas of the world? Do you ever wonder if language composition, economy, and geographical location have an effect on a countries culture and growth? Do you ever wonder what problems people may have in different parts of the world and what could be done to help? Do you ever feel that a formal education can't always cultivate networking and expose you to the real world? Do you ever get bored of the materialistic part of the world you come from? Do you ever just want to put yourself in someone else's shoes and see, really see, how it is? Do you like pushing yourself into uncomfortable situations because you like the challenge? Have you ever thought about contributing to a Global initiative and connecting different parts of the world together? Do you ever want to be exposed to humbling brilliance radiating from your Global Citizen Year fellows?

These are some of the reasons why I applied and if you answered yes to a few of these questions, I think you should definitely consider applying too 🙂
I am certain this following year will be filled with great answers, connections, friendships, experiences, and of course food!