Why nature saves me

During my gap year (and all my life) I’ve always felt a strong urge to consistently connect with nature. The reason behind is that it helps me grounding, meditating and connecting to the roots of the earth. Listening to the whispering of birds, watching sunsets, swimming in the cold ocean, hiking, canoeing, running, among others, are things that truly remind me that I’m just part of this incredible nature that surrounds me. I think that the biggest changes in our world will come when we humans realize that there’s no difference between us and the natural world, that we are deeply intertwined with each other, and that we’re here for a reason. Nature saves me every day, and I’m grateful for this year, a year full of questions and realizations, connections, bondings, meditation, and self-reflection.

The pictures below show a bit of this connection during my year in Brazil. I prefer letting pictures talk, rather than giving descriptions.