Wild World Awaits


A happy hello to you from the homestead in Colorado!

Peepings from my window in this moment:

The cacophony of locusts warming the world
Wind speaking through charms from my porch
A hazed out sky that has no room for stars or light to peak through
An abandoned cat that taunts my dogs with her feline foxiness
A Blue Spruce tree that has roots deeper than the ocean and is the chill hangout for neighborhood deer
Budding mint plants that are disguising themselves as lavendar
Two Subaru’s that establish the granola lifestyle

A sensory exploration of my current state of existence and geological location.

This awareness and sense of consciousness can stay with me as my physical location is altered. There may not be a spaceship of a car or refrigerator harvesting two days worth of leftovers in the next places that my hearts travels, but there lives a family in a place in a country called Ecuador that may open their arms to me in a matter of two weeks. This has the power to dismantle assumptions and preconceived notions while providing a space to grow, heal, and potentially thrive. This thrive can come from a position of challenge, from an edge of comfortability which I presume will happen in the next 9 months of my life. With an open heart, I set zero expectations for this next chapter of my path, although I do have some goals, including:

Hug a woman older than all of my family members combined
Cry because I feel free and raw from the beauty of a moment
Be totally in awe of the actions of another individual
Take time each day to give gratitude to a single individual
Make someone laugh because I am #gringa and there is no getting around it
Smell something so pure my nose turns to nectar
Grow a big belly and whole heart that overflows out of my body
Be entirely open to the experience while maintaining my values and representing my person

May this journey be one of openness, growth, and rejuvenation! I thank you for your understanding and love! May you take a leap towards a pipe dream that has been stirring in your belly! Keep on shaking sista and we shall continue this dialogue in the near future. Smootches and smootches!


Avry Richter

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”