Be willing to take risks.

On April 25th, I screamed and jumped around – from what I recorded in my notes, “that was the best day of my life”

  • To study abroad has always been on my mind. Born with a crazy spirit, indescribable imagination and abnormal curiosity to touch the world all over keeps me overly engaged in this quite interesting world – and my mother a bit worried, concerned actually and often up all night. SORRY MOM – Love ya!
  • To take a bridge year, well the realization came during junior year. After spending a number of years within a restricting education system I decided it was time to break free, so I said peace out to that lifestyle and didn’t return. I didn’t act until senior year, the last year, but still decided to opt out the system. You’re never too deep to begin taking control – I did what I wanted because it’s MY life.

“Don’t hesitate or allow yourself to make excuses.

Just get out and do it. Just get out and do it.

You will be very, very glad that you did.”

Now, why exactly Global Citizen Year? Well the question, “How do I want to leave my mark?” is tossed around either self consciously or from others and I have no clue right now, but adding fuel to this burning idea of one route will equal happiness and success keeps this rebellious lifestyle of mine energized.

I applied to (insert a crazy number) of colleges, but knew what I really wanted and began to surf the web. I discovered Global Citizen Year and I didn’t exactly have much time to ponder, so I made the rational decision and applied. Shortly after applying I did the unthinkable – before I knew of my admission status with Global Citizen Year I decided I did want to postpone a college education, so I sent off emails to universities asking to defer or to move my application. Completely spontaneous? Maybe even a bit crazy? Sure, but it happened. The opportunity was right there to attend college, and ultimately I decided I wasn’t ready to go back to standard classroom learning.

Through the support from many I am now here in Brasil. Adventuring in new streets, creating unforgettable memories, serving in lost communities, experiencing a new culture, and growing personally. I could never ever thank you all enough for your support! The next 6 months ahead are going to be a thrilling roller coaster. Stay tuned for unimaginable, unthinkable, one of a kind experiences, journeys, and self-discoveries!