Yo no hablo Español

Is the number one challenge I have had to overcome over my past couple weeks in Ecuador. It seems everyone speaks Spanish but me. It makes life difficult because I only speak English and maybe three words of Spanish. So when being told I will learn to speak Spanish and thrive is almost incomprehensible at this point. I am determined though and am working to connect with my host mom and dad and of course my siblings. It becomes hard to make that special connection that I so badly want to make with them. My host mom over past couple days has said it will happen little by little “poco a poco”. I know she is right and I am thankful for her patience with my language struggles. When the day comes when I can say to my brother and sister, ” I am leaving today but I will be with you in my heart always”, then I will know that I thrived and made a connection with people. Maybe not speaking Spanish in the beginning will give me a deep connection because all I can do is listen and learn.